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"When will I leave from Chile"

The FIG Fernanda Massiez's disappearance, A pregnant woman found in Kanchhani in February had been in strong quest for more information.

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Louis PatersonPololo, who is in the lead in missing out for nine months, said in an interview TVN Morning, very earlyIt has the whole process "Tired and Tired"He has assured him that he is guilty and that the accused is innocent.

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Because one "Mental fatigue" The issue was raised, and the pressure from the newspaper to give an interview FourthThe name comes with his announcement "I did not kill her", The young man decided to take a radical decision.

"I can pull out of Chile anytime and I'm not going to warn you," Pietersen said.

Concerning the possibility of visiting the future in abroad, McCully's couple "I do not have to give my address to the prosecutor's officeI can not tell you where I am going and where I am going. "

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Fernando McCall (21) disappeared February 10 After retirement from home in Konjali. A couple, Lucess Petersen, had a meeting just before the disappearance.

In recent months, they emerged Various testimonies that want to clarify what had happened, So more expert comments and police have done in this case.

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