On Monday morning, every solar eclipse was observed Jose Maria Madio I really liked a flash: The impact of the Moon during the lunar eclipse.

It was just a flash on Monday, January 21 at 5:41:38 Miandaz Project (Moon Impacts Detection Analysis System – Moon Detection and Analysis System). This discovery system is the project of the University of Huawei. The Adulusia and the Maddowe Institute of Astrophysics also work. Generally speaking, there are four-minute telescopes in Sebilla. Find the brightness of light that occurs when the impact of rocks At high speeds against the Moon's surface. "Says the researcher.

However, this Monday was planned to observe the impact of everything, luckily, to capture: "Even at this moment I've added four additional telescopes He said the lunar surface surveillance would be possible without losing a possible collapsing glass. HyperTextchange So, astronomers have eight telescopes aimed at the Moon Hunting The impact that happens when the collision occurs.

It was the first shock recorded during an eclipse, and it was "a historical fact of astronomy". "But that's also that fun fact It has a great scientific value. This is the observation of the occurrences of the impact Allows you to make calls Impact StatisticsHe provides information on the probability of a certain size of the moon from the moon or against the earth, "he explains. HyperTextchange. It is therefore essential that this analysis will become more accurate and increase the number of flashes analyzed.

This impact is another factor in which the researcher is interested "This will help improve theoretical models that describe impacts.", That is, these podelos have "not enough precisely parameters". Therefore, according to Maddie, this shock may have "a great deal of importance" during the eclipse to determine "more accurate" factors.

Are the frequencies affected?

The controversies between the Moon and the Earth are continuous, as Maddie points out. "The moon has the most impact Because they are made of small rocks, they create a blazing blaze"So the size, speed and speed of the rock are bright, bright and bright." The number of impacts is proportional to its size, i.e. our satellite has smaller impacts, and large rock craters are now less than that. "The impact of the last eclipse is much brighter than usual Falls within a group of gangs that occur"He says.

What happened after the crash with the meteor shower? "The rock It is broken At the very moment of that mission, a new skull opened up during the creation of a flashing telescope, "the researcher said.