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What is keto or ketogenic diet?


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Now Christmas, New Year and so on. Many kilograms wanted to win this season, but at the same time you can ask about the necessary salivating and healthy life: what is the best food to achieve? In a short time? Since this season is usually too complicated for food or healthy decisions, the answer, the femme diet keto or ketogenic low fat, present ketogenic diet, fat.

What is Citizen Diet?

Ketogenic diet is a fast and effective diet, especially in social and recreational foods. The most common diet we suggest is that you can reduce your weight by comparing a hypothetical diet (less than calorie). nutriólogos, this convergence does not provide the physiological insomnia in addition to achieving our goal quickly, as you read "You'll be Hungry" This means that a clinical aspect will be brought to this specialist by a perceptual ketosis, as you read about 50 grams per day Eating carbohydrates in weight, But what to do Ilum not only protein, but it can not be of high biological value, which helps them to manufacture their own, even if one of them should be in all of the essential amino acids our body needs protein, but will remain free to the entire day.

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Today there are different presentations of high biological proteins including bar, soup, duck, cruise, cookies, snacks, and juice. It is important to take at least 2 liters of water, whether it's oil or water bottles, or at any time we bring a thermoe or a bottle of water to help the water consumption target, Cooperate. The main components of the ketogenic diet are added to vitamins and minerals. The problem is only one that we can recommend for our needs.

In this type of diet, cereals, fruits, dairy products, milk use, butter and many foods that are indicated in clinical or nutritional discussions are limited to a limited time. It should not be wasted or damaged, which reduces the amount of carbohydrates in the process of gradually adding to the dietary supplemental guidelines that affect the specialist. Health teaches us to eat healthy, so this losing weight can last for a long time.

This gradual introduction of different body groups can help you learn how to make metabolism in the body without retaining your body fat and retrieving lost weight and all the macronutrients like protein, fat and carbohydrates.

What are the benefits?

Low-fat ketogenic diet is a very attractive way to lose weight and lose weight loss of fat muscle fat is not reflected in the fat that you consider to have a 20: 1 ratio of fat loss. This prevents the skin from tukkiyitunnatil, or laksanamillayma is, especially if the goal is more than 10 kg of weight you lose, it's not just the weight, the muscle begins to create a high biological value proteins, adding physical pravarttanannaleateappam consumption, physical activity and an expert suggested that the entire C treatment The food we eat in groups to tell us what we can and can not ganirdesannal exercise in accordance with a coach, the amount of exercise they provide.

Ketogenic diet also reduces cholesterol and makes triglycerides in a safe way in the blood. It can be given to the limits of the loins. Reduce your risk of heart disease In some words we can avoid heart attacks. Having problems with chronic diseases like diabetes or hypertension.

Wonderful work …

On the other hand, it is important to act The theme of emotions is not just for this food but for a project or a method of thinking about what we are doing. Because it will be necessary to approach an expert in the training of emotional labor, and we will give you an incentive to continue with anxiety and irritation.

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Is the Citizory Diet safe?

Like any methodological or food plan, we should be able to serve as a specialist or a multidisciplinary team to lead us, and we suggest that we can do it, avoiding all that we can in that moment, like all foods, and let us know before you decide to start it We have scientific recognition about web sites, magazines, books or any other information, which is usually an inquiry, and we can give security when deciding to start these details.

So if you are looking for a safe, efficient and provable meal, ketogenic food is your best ally, and you should do all precautionary safety guidelines to get the correct feed plan you want to start. And you will be surprised at the results of getting a healthy lifestyle.

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