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What are the spatial white holes of the controversy "You can escape, but you can not?"


It may be mystical, but it is a great way to understand what is really the relationship between the popular black holes and their relationship Brothers Few known white holes.

We have days of news from the black holes, and there is evidence of how they treat the evidence of how they are formed. However, like twins, they do not even mention the twins that accompany them Opposing direction.

  • "Farhat", dwarf pink and pink planet, are the distant objects in the solar system

"A black hole is a place where you can enter, but you can never get out of it," says Sene Karol, a physicist from the California Institute of Technology, an article in the Nobo Portal. "The white hole is a place where you can go out elsewhere You can never go back"

White holes are the precise energy of the black hole. Instead of swallowing everything closer, it continuously continues Exit And the restriction of the material that has reached its limitations.


White holes help us understand the secret of the universe

So it's easy to understand what the white holes are, but they have a small problem: We do not know if that's there Beyond the boards of mathematicians.

  • A huge black hole that the sun devours a day

That is why they claim that they are controversial Was opposed Of physical laws

The two sides of the same coin

Now, only white holes exist Calculations Scientists and astronomers have become like a black hole.

"White holes are theoretical models Complex To the black hole, "said Professor Edward LaRaranagra of Columbia National Astronomical Observatory, BBC Fore Time.

"When he performs mathematical equations Einstein It happens on a white pole, "explains Laaragagaga," but we do not know of any physical process that leads to a white hole. "

Albert Einstein

Einstein's formulas are white in color

Checking the existence of a white hole means the phenomena that seem to be invulnerable Negative gravity Things can cause things to fall down, or at that time suspend or reverse.

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But the fact that they seem impossible is not scientists Leave Its existence.

"The reason they are suspected of having white holes is that they can Fix a mysteryWhat happens in the center of a black hole, "he said on the portal New scientist Francis Marco Ravelli, Center for Theoretical Physics in Marseille, France.

"When we see a substantial amount of black holes around the mass, the whole part of the matter passes through the hole," the horizon " Return visitAnd then fall down? Anyone knows. "


Now, white holes exist only in mathematical calculations

Some conjecture argue that the bottom of the black hole can be connected to a white hole. "Warm hole".

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"You can enter the black hole, go through the viral hole and get out of the white hole," explains Lararanka. "But physically, where the situation is very intense, the gravitational pull is going to end Crushed Before surfing the fingerprint. "

White holes can be either a black hole or a source of so-called black holes "Black energy", That's what the universe is expanding, but in general, these mysterious macroeconomic volcanoes seek to expose more questions than answers.

No one has ever seen, but as Rollyley writes, "The sky can be Full White holes ".

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