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What are some of our body parts and others?

Why is your hair dry? Why not your steps?

Or how come our head is on our hair but not one hair in our hands?

Doctors, researchers and other experts of the complex system of the human body have been questioning for years.

For decades science was limited to considering it as scientific Evolutionary qualities In some animals, but the physical explanation of how it is made is a recent question.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine who have searched for this "mystery" for years have now sought answers.

A study published in the Journal Magazine Cell reports, "Guilty" Not at all Some parts of our body get a special kind of molecule, more signal and protein.

According to researchers Decode 2 (DKK2) prevents the so-called "WNT Signaling Paths". Cellular channels can cause hair growth.

"In this study, the skin is blocking the skin from the scratching, preventing WNT from working," he said in the magazine. Newsweek Sara E Miller, one of the authors of the inquiry.

"Ventangling is essential for the development of hair cores, which make it a soft skin to prevent and shape more hair," he said.

But why do some animals have hair in most parts of the body?

Things of evolution

The study indicates that it is inadequate in the evolution of evolutionary decades.

Some animals claim that some animals have been formed to produce DKK2 in some areas Help them to survive their environments.

For example, you can put a tip off your hands. In addition, the absence of the feet will help you to walk more on the pedestrian.

If it's covered in cold weather, as in the polar cord, it would be nice.

To reach these conclusions, a rat's legs (like humans, their plants in their plants) compared with other animals like rabbits.

When compared to the DKK 2 between the two species, protein levels are less than the skin of the animals, even after the legs.

At the same time, there were more black holes in the hair than in the hair.

None of the generators in Venta do not have Vent Signaling patterns, but protein does not block them.

The researchers hope that research can be used to develop hair for new research, treat certain diseases, and future therapy for future accidents and accidents.

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