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"We had to win and we did not create scoring situations" PrensaFútbol


Sunday 25 November, 2018


Francis Kodkelly University coach Frauddadak described him as a coach at the national stadium for some managers and deportes Eququikov in the Copa Libertadoras.

At the National Stadium in November, at the National Stadium, the last time of the National Youth Championship was not against Equik Sports. In addition, the national championship only managed to retain the title. A place with the next copper libertador. The Argentinean coach pointed out that the team had no problems.

We did not find the goal to win the game. Fear made a shovel. We were a practical and simple team, but not so much flashbacks, but we did not have the importance of today's goal and the present rush. We were able to hold more of the ball. But we played again, "he told a press conference.

"We were very static and we could not perform a notorious technological disorder and battles, but I tried to change, I tried to change, but there was not a game generation, and none of the other parties had any technical wealth," he added.

In the next Copa libertados second place, the point where the catch is that the achievement is not enough. He said, "We have won a third place, but I do not want to do it today, we have won, we did not do that, we do not know you should be in or out of the day, you have to be honest, it's expensive for us in specific matches and we're spending ourselves on fixing them," he emphasized.

Retiring from midfielder David Pizzaro at the National Stadium, Traccus explained that this would be a major loss for next season. "It's a great kind of merciful, but they make special decisions, he has a technical right," he replied.

Finishing, he made a brief analysis of the U season, he clarified that he never played a strong team. "I believe that we have fought today against our resources, we were never a spectacular team, but our success network led us to this hope of the title struggle, including the loss of other teams that rule us," he said.

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