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"Wages are rising by 4.5 percent a year," and "productivity is very strongly recovering," Pinarayana said.

President Sebastian Pinera, Finance Minister Mini Jose Ramon Walter, Inaugurated the Falebella Supply Center in San Barnardo And they obeyed. This will create 1,450 jobs.

According to the president's opinion, At the moment of opening it will benefit 450 people.They will join in 2019 550 employees and 450 jobs were imposed.

It works out for environmental protection and reproduction, because pinara said This will greatly enhance the economy, but without neglecting the environment.

Photo: Pinara inaugurating the distribution center at Sanaa Bernardo

Photo: Pinara inaugurating the distribution center at Sanaa Bernardo.

In the middle of the newspaper, the executive said it They can "create new contracts, social security and good pay".

He pointed out that fallen investments and productivity "are returning very strongly and allows us to be optimistic in the future."

More Average annual salary is 4.5 percent. "This is only one way to improve the quality of all our families in improving the standard of living of all our families," he said.

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"We do not reduce our weapons, because these figures are in the forefront of Latin America, the first place in the Pacific Alliance, in the best of OECD countries, the struggle for development is constant and constant," he said.

He gave an opportunity to criticize some political actors. "Chile may want to speed up some developments, but in a comprehensive, inclusive and sustainable way, many have eyes and ears, but not for the good news."

G20 meeting

The FIG G20 The European Union is an institution with 19 countries This Friday and Saturday will be in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

President Pinarayi said on this important event This summit will be attended by the world's 20 largest economiesThere will be a lot of problems in the presence of Presidents in countries like America, China and Russia.

"Some important issues, such as how to end this trade war between China and the US, are going to be discussed, which destroys the whole world," Pierra said.

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He said: "We will try our best to deal with it Climate change It can be understood as a threat to the existence of human beings on earth The technological revolution It explains that employment generated will benefit us and that it does not override us. "

"How to take the initiative The fight against corruption Search The equality between men and women (…) This is some of the issues that will be discussed. I hope there are effective and effective ways to improve the lives of our counterparts, "the president said.

See the statements of the executable in the attached video.

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