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Vittel is the first player to play in the Champions League along with Barcelona

FC Barcelona He is going to the Induva to achieve a victory that will win 16 times in the Champions League final. Group B first of allChile is selected Arthur Widell You can help me to be considered in eleventh place.

The Barça team The next stage is already mathematical, Is the leader of your group with 10 points, three times more than in Inter Milan, so ensuring that the highest level will face a more accessible key. Therefore, after losing seven players, players must live back to their best available cards to achieve their goals.

A plan will be inaugurated 4-3-3 Coetinho dominated the left as the Spaniards Videl within the right Sergio Busquet became a pivot.

There are 11 remaining Stain in the arch; Messi, Mimin and Dembel were attacked by Semida, Pic, Umti and Jordi Alba.

PSV Andrewnaven, down to a single pointBarcelona won the first title, retained the options to jump to third place, giving it a pass to the European League.

Unlike Wellward, the PSV coach Mark van Belem will be included in the team. The players, except midfielder Ryan Thomas, were injured.

Last Saturday, Barca's defensive golf club, Mexico Hirwing Lossano, and top scorer Luke D. Jung of the Dutch Championship, scored two goals against Hirvier.

Complete PSV training has soak names. Elenio, Viejaver, Schwab, Dumfries; Henriques, Pero, and Rosario; Malen, D. Jong, Lausanne.

This is one It was the eighth match between Barcelona and the Dutch. The battalion has three wins and three drones in favor of the Catalans with a defeat.

All activities in this comparison are schedules 5:00 pm (20:00 GMT) This Wednesday, you can follow it Virtual Book Market

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