Thursday , June 8 2023

Video: In the superb time, the melting of the moon has been crushed


From 20 to 21, thousands of people from all over Jupiter could observe three astronomical phenomena simultaneously: a museum, a & lt; moon's moon & # 39; supermoon & # 39; And so on. But, unexpectedly, some attempted to capture the fourth event on Earth's natural satellites: the surface of a meteor shower on its surface.

José Maria Maddino, professor at the University of Hueva, declared: "When the moon collapsed with dead muds, it was completely destroyed, but at the same time it created a new crackdown and there was an impact on the part of the energy that became light, and our telescopes were captured."

Of course, in the recording you will see a small flash in the visible part of the moon. The video was taken from the telescope SEED.

Spanish Spanish Peninsular Spanish time was 5:41:38. According to professor, this rock is part of a comet. This is the first instance of an impact on a lunar surface.

"Eight telescopes have the ability and the ability to handle at all simultaneously, all the effort and value that is an inspiration for us to keep on the same track," the specialist wrote.

On the other hand, on the other hand, the impact of the meteor showers on the Moon's surface is common. "There will be no atmosphere in the lunar and there is nothing to stop a rock through our natural combination," said Professor. He explained that there are many craters present there.



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