Sunday , January 29 2023

Van Ribbergberg: "A board we call people"


A week after the election, UDI president Jaguinine van Ricepeberberge, Senator yesterday supported his opponent in party workers.

"It seems that it's super natural, especially when my son Juan Antonio Koloma is the general secretary of the list, if my father does not support me if I am the son of Juan Antonio, I will hurt my soul," Gremielist told the senator El Mercoury.

Senator Juan Antonio Coloma used the benefits of presenting a "permanent commission" that seeks to raise issues affecting the middle class of the country, to address the support provided yesterday by Jacob van Raiselberg. The list of his rival deputy general Mecca.

Juan Antonio Koloma: "I am capable of creating the team of Javier Maccoy"

Senator Koloma said in an interview entitled "El Mercurio," he said: "I see social choices as a favorite team," said Senator, "We had gathered a great blessing for us as a director, perhaps to work and transform this party as the first political power in Chile. (…) I could not call Senator Coloma because he had another son and that's another subject. "

On the other hand, the situation in La Arunacia was analyzed.

"I think the problems in La Arunakana are very serious, people have such bad times, poverty is so bad that what we do is a good government that the allies are referring to the Mayor of Mayor Louis Mayo who queried the dispute among its allies.

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