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Uber is now riding on an electric cycle, but in the future he wants to automatically find them and they automatically load


The Uber already lost to cope with the taxi, and the company tried a few more time on various projects to get the well-groomed kings crowned. Autonomous cars, bicycles, shared scooters or taxis are flying. The last of the ideas Electric cycling and auto rickshaw.

Currently Uber is now There is a separation of two wheelers and electric scooters. Japan is a company that actually owns April 2018. It works in its own brand. Uber has been rushing towards more bikes due to the acquiring market. The latest version of the bike has recently been launched.

Go up New jump bike with each other with a removable battery.

One of the major changes in their new cycles Batteries with each other. With this feature you will not have to wait for the cycle to recharge, but you can change the battery time and recharge in a special use center, at low cost. Their goal is to solve one of the basic issues of electronic, shared scooters and cycles: wait for recharge.

Electric cycles, not only Autonomous

Chris Chris Anderson, CEO of the robot company 3DR, Published Recently, Uber's a strange declaration engineers are looking for "robotic micromabilities". An Uber delegation introduced a new project at Robotics Program Develop scooters / autonomous cycles.

Go up The German electric scooter is Ubay-owned company.

The idea of ​​an autonomous scooter / cycle is not far apart, and they already exist. While this is not clear whether Uber is intended, if future versions of the bike are self-contained, They can go to a loading point and rechargeOperators are also distributed across the city without requiring it.

Avoid recharge operators in the city and focus on points

Why create an autonomous cycle? In principle, for Fix two issues We now end up bicycles and other shared vehicles. Recharge and Distribution. Because they do not depend on specific stations, they are distributed throughout the city, and are often recharged, so companies have operators to do so. Company companies are recharge companies during the night to provide financial compensation.

Go up

On the other hand, the user can leave them anywhere, as all vehicles are concentrated in specific sectors and are left unavailable. Also, users are backwards, even on the next day, to "hide" cycles and scooters. This problem will be solved from self-reliance When they are not used, they will be automatically redistributed.

Autonomy into electric bicycles The need to recharge and redistribute operators is eliminated. However, expenditure increases, resulting in the creation of essential technologies. Whether it is an electric cycle or an electric motor cycle? How does an autonomous two-wheeled cycle turn to the system and laws of each town? Now they have been offered some jobs in Uber.

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