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Typographer »5 thousand HIV speed is now available to apply this year in the Higgins


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In Paskir's area, Masters' Council began a AIDS test at a local level with 38 young people at the local level.

Overall, the Higgins area has 5000 tests which can be applied over the remainder of the year.

Ogg Higgins Health Seriei, Raphael Borgone, was confident that "the rapid experiment" would bring all the people needed in the region, violate the barriers, simplify procedures and improve access.

Note that these health processes will be carried out in 33 communities in this area. According to the demand, more rapid HIV checks will be conducted in the first semester of 2019.

"CATHERINE LEAVO TEST RESULT REGARDING HIV AIDS OF HEALTHY SERVICE emphasizes the importance of the population as" HIV helps us start HIV treatment in time. "

Pollution estimates

From 2007 to December 2017, 1,309 cases were reported in the Ohio region. There were 149 cases from January to September this year.

A rapid HIV test has a 100 percent accuracy. A patient will be healed, thrown out of blood and placed on a device and wait for 15 minutes to get the patient out.

If the person who made it as a result of a RR user, this will be unified with the Health Team to implement the ELISA test. It should be ensured by the Public Health Institute (ISP).

This exam does not require a medical order or any preparation for the exam, must have an Identity card which can apply to children under 14 who are under 14 years of age and you must have a parent or guardian

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