Sunday , January 29 2023

Two historical events with MYTHIA: Rail & & # 39; Cords & # 39; & # 39; s semes & # 39; The soccer measurement is measured in the first leg


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Sebastian Brocca | UNO agency

A fascinating twilight. Railways and Sports Conception They encourage a historic match at the Third Division B semi-finals on Sunday.

Aurinegro & # 39; completed its second position in the mid-segmented middle-zone Rodelindo Román, It is from 17:30 The Penguin Team in the municipal stadium in San Bernardo.

Click & # 39; Machine & # 39; In the second stage of the tournament, the & # 39; Konce & # 39; Are the winners of the group.

On the other hand, from Bio Biao will arrive All the illusions after leaving the road through the Road Arduo Vidal.

The biggest dragging & quot; division in the division, aims to make good results for the people of the Ester Row next week.

The 1500 fans of Lion de Colao & # 39; hope to participate in San Bernardo.

We agree that the thirdB's two finalists will receive promotion directly. The third and fourth will compete in a promotion league, third in Tomas Greig de Rancagua and MacLeoker School.

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