Friday , June 9 2023

Transport Minister: There are resources in the area, but they are misuse


Transport Minister, Gloria HutHe argued Cooperation What is There are funds to improve public locomotives in areas, But it's not a good use because they are used for other types of activities.

With the conversation What is the left left, Hut said: "We're doing a great deal of well-arranged resources that we're going to do in the fields, not less of them, They are 800 million dollars a year It's huge in the world. "

"Go to the areas and think Spaces should have 800 million spaces per year. That's just seeing traffic and it does not happen, that's a mistake, "he adds.

These funds are "They are used for investment, But it was not transported Now we do what we do now, changing the law of subsidies, there is a limit, these sources are going to public transport because changes made in the law are only open to invest in other matters. "

"We're wrong It is used as a destination for money in a manner not favoring the development of public transportation"He ruled.

These funds were allotted for the second entrance in the city of Iquique, where the Minister was handling the Equik case. The translatoroid mirror funds lost the "soul of the soul".

"We expect this Chile can be implemented in Chile even with the high quality we put in SantiagoThe minister said transport of euro-6 diesel buses would be fresh because of electric buses.

Future of Metro

In connection with the criticism of the recent residents of La Raina, who inaugurated the inauguration,This was a problem when he departed on line 6 on line The situation with neighbors and the Petro Agrii Sera are included. There were two kinds of solutions in each case.

When asked about possible "line 10", Hitte said "publicly in all governments One line of construction, one in engineering development, one of the long-term plans. "

"We already have a more extensive line 7, already proceeding in the fields and detailed study rows 8 and 9. With that We put a lot of pressure on the MetroWe are joking about what we have done historically, "he said, adding new projects were evaluated in the northwestern region of the capital city.

In addition, he highlighted the possibility of improving ties with the airport. "If they ask me what solutions are needed to improve the metro, I have no doubt in it, for technical reasons and for operational reasons this is good."

Possible presidential option

Hut "Now" in the place of the president, he was abandoned by a rock star & # 39; It does not seem like that. "Because I am grateful at the bottom of my heart, because people's support is very good because it gives you a lot of energy to advance it," he said.

When you concentrate on personal goals, you have observed that you make wrong choices and I am happy with these goals.

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