Thursday , November 14 2019
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Today is the dollar in Chile

Compared to today's price, the exchange rate has changed to $ 672.8.

After declining yesterday's record, Chile fell by $ 1 per barrel. Investors are hoping to meet China and the US Presidents at this weekend in Argentina.

Exchange rate Compared to today's price, the $ 3.3 increase indicates $ 672.8.

In addition, the local exchange market is related to the overseas market. The international indexes of the North American currency are calculated in the dollar index, which varies with a currency of the currency, rising by 0.43% after two days.

In this context, when the profits of yesterday's profits ended in that asset class, the emerging currencies corrected the block at this time. With some exceptions, all major currencies of the segment stands toward the dollar.

Of course, the US Congressman Donald Trump and China's Ji Jingpong are organizing events for this weekend.

The major protagonists of the commercial warfare that have been marketed by Risk in 2018 are joined by Buenos Aires on the basis of G20. Market agents should look for any announcement made in commercial matters.

If the tariff war between the world's two largest economies reveals a high precedent, the dollar will see a new glow. On the contrary, signs of a war will give room for the growing currencies.

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