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Tips to prevent HIV transmission

It is December 1 World day for fight against AIDS. Gynecologist Evelyn Campos offers four tips to prevent infection.

At present 42 million people are infected with HIV. In 2016, one million people have died due to HIV / AIDS related diseases. However, UNAIDS indicates that in Latin America, the number of infected people is declining to 17 percent.

As part of the World Aids to Combat Aids celebrations, Evelyn Campos Suniga, a clinic resort in Palma, gynecologist, gynecologist, HIV.

1. Condom Usage: Particularly spartik participants can use condoms while engaging in sexual relations.

2. Water soluble lubricant: In the use of lubricants, it is good that they merge with water. Other presentations could not break or break condoms.

3. Do not share or exchange the needles: Insect and syringes to avoid any HIV infection are not new. Directions to get this disease are blood.

Analysis of pregnant women: The pregnancy recommendation is that pregnant pregnant women should be diagnosed with HIV during pregnancy to prevent a newborn infection from maternal infection. Periodical treatment for mother can help reduce the risk of her childhood.

Finally, Dr. Campos suggests the preventive measures and suggests that you regularly consult with gynecologist to find a potential risk of health.

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