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Tips for making the most of your computer apps


Tips for making the most of your computer apps

Messenger has the secrets and shortcuts in the desktop market that you may know.

The WhatsApp Record Keeps track Messenger is not a fix for smartphones: there is a desktop version too.

Whatsapp provides an effective solution to users who spend hours in front of the computer using simple scanning of a code. This version includes the existing features in the app, even though it is pulled horizontally inch. Also, the typing on a traditional keyboard has its advantages.

The apps shortcuts allow you to make the writing benefits of a keyboard better. When these instructions are transferred, the use of the angel becomes more liquid, avoids mouse and searches for various activities in the software information.

Note key combinations for the desktop version of apps:

· To open a new chat: Ctrl + N

· To go to the following chat: Ctrl + Shift +].

Next chat: Ctrl + Shift +[[[[

To collect a conversation: Ctrl + E.

To mute the conversation: Ctrl + Shift + M.

To delete the conversation: Ctrl + Backspace.

· Mark unread: Ctrl + Shift + U.

· To create a new group: Ctrl + Shift + N.

To open your own profile: Ctrl + P.

· Close window: Alt + F4.

The app can be installed on computers with Windows and Mac, and those who wish to use this Messenger computer can choose the app that runs on a browser tab. And of course: There are other results with these keyboard shortcuts there.

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