Tuesday , January 31 2023

Timothy confirmed the date and time of the delicacy deal before he touched it


Universidio Katolia has now confirmed the date and time, when it encounters Deportes TemucoFor the last date of the 2018 national championship.

Match index They are the capital of the Araucanía region, they will go on a mission to gain a missing point Champions.

As UCC reported on their social networks, The crucial partnership between Albuquerade on December 2 at the Bistendial Stadium.

Look at this: [VIDEO] That is the list: UC will leave for the title "U" for the first time being a champion.

It should be remembered later Chasing a goal 1-0 to win against Hainigny. Cross won by 58 runs (58 points) It depends on one champion himself.

Cross-Tables The following situations will help to become a champion: Believe or win over Temo, or believe that Colo Cole in Santiago does not defeat the Universidad de Conception..

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