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Three pregnant three teeth were beaten by a supermarket guard

In a supermarket in a southern neighborhood, there was a shocking assault In the hands of a security guard, He thought he was a client Ravi.

Via a video sent Cazanoticias, In the middle of blood spots in the ground, cry out to the ground and admire it on the ground. After the fall I sent three teeth.

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The incident took place on Tuesday at Santa Isabel Supermarket in Manuel Bulls Street in Temacco.

According to information provided by the Casanatoicas, The security guard followed the woman through various aspects of the supermarket. Without specifying whether the victims were captured or not, the site's men said that three teeth due to the use of security officials to beat the battered face.

even though, In the pictures you know how a woman can show her handbag, while other clients do not, they hide a product during the attack. In addition, she supervised the supermarket staff when she was lying on the ground.

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In part, Santa Izabel explained his Twitter account, and they used the protocol to "investigate what was happening" and "strengthen the way the watchmen behave".

In the meantime, I was tempted, the guard arrested and reported to the city's guarantee court.

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