Saturday , January 23 2021

This is the complete list of the appropriate banks

Google Pay has grown a list of the appropriate banks for about two weeks before you can buy a debit or credit card using your payment. They have joined in these last days Three new banks.

Several months later, the list of affluent banks is not growing, and now they join in November Google Bank, Banana Mark, Banca Medal, etc..

In just a few days, we went from eight to eleven. We do not want to stop pace from terminating more banks to Google mobile payment platform. Banco Santander, Sabalay, or Kayax Bank.

Compatible with Google Pay

Google pay banks

Along with these three new additions, Google Pay is already compatible with the following entities:

  • BBVA
  • Open bank
  • The bank
  • Medallion
  • Banmach
  • N26
  • Sign out
  • American Express
  • Sodaxo
  • Postal card
  • Ticket Restaurant

All debit or credit cards of these engines do not match. If your page is included in the Google Pay or application, or from the Google Pay support page, if your full list of banks and original cards tells us, you can check whether your card is suitable.

Google Pay: Thousands of stores, websites, and apps

Google Pay: Thousands of stores, websites, and apps This varies depending on the device.

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