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This is the announcement of hidden love in the super metro

Super metroid This is one of the main headlines of the Super Nintendo catalog for several reasons. However, there are even thousands of hidden hazards in the planet of Sabes A love note. Literally it is practically impossible.

This is the author of this message Yusuhiko FujiiIn this interview published in this book, a programmer of classic SNES metroidvania who confessed Romantic Easter Edin Game shockinin volume 1 Recently detected in 2007, translated from shmuplations.

The same content mentioned from the gameplay explains two words found on the screen without the matches, or the mondo: Keiko Love!Keiko is the next couple in younger Fuji.

According to Fuji, before the battle against Diego, the enemies surrounded by air were caught by the two airplanes.

Fujii02 Keep them from the original publications containing the dancing of their enemies

But the best thing that impressed him with this little detailed explanation with Caicos: he could not see it because he spent so much time, so he tried to program this declaration of love in development. Snack!

In fact, before fighting off with Merida's leader Drayagone, there is a set of "dancing" enemies who dance "erv" enemies. In the English language "Caicon Love", a letter of letters is traced to his movement. Keiko was the name of a girl I was growing up at that time.

I was busy all the time, I could not even see it, at night, all were sleeping in the office, I stole a moment and added that code!

The tiny dance was not written in these planning tips or elsewhere. So I remember my heartbearer that they were more than a thousand hours ago. But in the end, no one could find it. Do not you fall in love now? (Laughs)

The result? You can check this briefly at 2:10:00 in the next dose. Those enemies' planes were never normal. Why are we now?

It is clear that there are more romantic ways to show your love to someone, but it's very complicated to do it more accurately.

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