Thursday , June 8 2023

This is how Belleville Moora compared the mate in his life, fashion velabenitto, tv and show


Women's daily life, sex, relationships and comedic Bellan Mora In his presentation at the Huzus Festival of Allumu, he made a spectacular view of the audience from El Paataug.

During the regular hours of one hour, he laughed and laughed, and at the same time, some critics quickly came to criticism, She alleged that Morah was to imitate the style and content of her colleague Natalia Waldenito.

The artist said in this regard BioBioChile These comments do not surprise you and you deeply adore Waldenita. "Comparisons & # 39; Super & # 39; expected, they will always compare us. + For me, fashion is a very important indication, If there are similarities in style, I congratulate it because I want to copy it "He said.

"They are not emotionally affecting me"Explaining the years of comparison with viewers on social networks, explained the years Comed up.

Benazir Mora said that Oluva has a visibility. Although they are thinking of starting to think about a new edition, this change is "very quiet and respectful to a visitor." "There will be a change (but) I'm not hurry"He said.

Concerning the "conflict" of his colleagues Morante with companyIt emphasizes an agreement that will be signed in 2019 "No problem, no drama". "They allow us to express our opinion," he said.

Meanwhile, Mora arrived at his funeral on Tuesday Caleb Awards, Natalia Waldenito, Polo Troneszo, was nominated as "Best Comedian" with Sethien Kramer.

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