Thursday , September 29 2022

"This activity is intensively practiced … not to comment on political practice"


The commander of that mandate demanding a higher status for the people of the Mandela has provoked the UDD senator.

He introduced Mr. Salas to the new Colo Colow Technician. An enthusiastic commander was in his first press conference. There is no question of his style. He had all the words of the Katrillas case and the Mauchhevsky conflict.

"It seems to me that the people of Manju are logically worthy of being in our community and what's going on in the Education topic of all Chile is that continuity in Peruvian people, Salas commented.

Dt It does not rule out the possibility of using monarchs in their discussions and training.

Salas' statements were immediately supported in Coloclione. However, after Commander's statements, Senator Ivan Morari was very angry.

"He is trained by his team in Colo Cologne and is expelled from the worst moment inside him, not to comment on political uncertainties" The UDI Senator said.

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