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They see the genetic variation of skin color in Latinos and Asian


One of the subjects that attracted some scientists is the genue associated with the skin color; This is one of the most visually-distinctive features of man.

Over the centuries, colors from the emperor era have been widely considered to be different from local Americans, Europeans and Africans.

People with light skin have the most recognition of European family tradition. People with darker skin have a close connection between the local and African Americans.

In spite of the existence of the past, the indigenous American Americans are closely related to the most closely related relations in eastern Asia.

The answer is rather than finding the East Asian variants of Latin America.

Recently, a gene variant of the skin was revealed. This disagreement is different from the indigenous Americans and the East Asian.

This research is published in the magazine Nature Communications. Dr. This is done by Kuttyb Achary UCL Genetic Institute, Javier Mendoza was a Rev. and a genetician Passure Institute of Paris.

6,357 people analyzed in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru. Getting information Conservation of the Diversity and Evolution Analysis in Latin America (Candela)

In that data, they found the amount of light reflecting the participants' skin; Before you as a way to measure your dark pigment or melanin.

The selected subjects were a mixture of American, European, and African descent. As a result, five areas of the skin, eyes and hair are recognized.

Researchers say that the difference between MFSD12 gene is East Asian and local Americans.

A variant of natural selection

After checking each of the elements, they reached In Eurasia, the distinction between the genetic phenomena has evolved independently.

They show that MFSD12 is a powerful natural plant in East Asia. In other words, creating sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, producing more vitamin D in particular, less light.

For Latin American citizens, pigmentation is due to variable degrees from European and African peoples. But there are unauthorized variants from its native ancestors.

Include findings

MFSD12 affects the production and storage of gene skin melanin. If the skin produces more melanin, it is more likely to prevent UV rays to damage the DA. Therefore, skin care should be given more protection.

The gene is also in Africa. Although their variations are different.

The authors point to a wide variety of Latin American parties. Finally, they say that research will help to discover more genes rather than studying European genome, as well as avoiding a restrictive view of human diversity.

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