Sunday , January 24 2021

They continue corruption in the army. Promote officials who prosecute tax evaders are encouraged

According to a report submitted to the Santiago Appeal Court, the Army confirmed that it was raised to prosecutors who prosecute tax fraud.

The new case is known at the center of controversy at the Center of Controversy, at the Center for Controversy, now filmed by Commander-in-Chief General Ricardo Martín Menantue. The Institute sold drugs to sellers.

Captain Raphael Harvey Waldes wrote in an 11-page Army document that responds to an appeal to denounce unlawful and uncontrollable action by signing the Chief of Staff of the General Body of the Surgical Personnel Alejandro Villaggas Ramirez. "When promotions are evaluated,

The Chilean Army Officers' Board of Appeals, Brigadier General Daniel Daniel Gonzalez, allegedly accused the military's "protection network of corruption".

The Army has responded to La Tercera that there is no information available at the institution under the purview of the promotions of officials who have been subjected to tax fraud when these promotions are processed. The procedures of these people, clearly presented by the Santo Domingo court appeal.

Lutheran Colonel Nelson Cantillana's case was promoted on January 1, 2011. In the course of his promotion, the case was closed for 44 million pesos in the treasury.

Other cases include the former First Corporal Herborough Courts. On January 1, 2015, he was jailed for $ 250 million in fraud. In the Barlatta case, one of the second junior Sergei Sergio Sergey, committed to two crimes related to Milicotte.

The Colonel Raphael Villarollo Oposo was referred to the Army on December 1, 2014, when the prosecution was canceled. Villearole Oposo is the brother of the former director of the military school who was invited to retirement after the controversy with former Deena agent Miguel Krośnov.

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