Friday , September 30 2022

There is no restriction for "low costs" in Argentina, and enters into a coup business


The retailer Kyoto of Sky has questioned the airlines, the minimum rate, the higher the boarding fee and the restrictions on ramp station.

If existing air regulation is maintained, SKY Airlines can not yet improve its position in Argentina. It is clear from the Trans-Andeanic situation in the Chilean chief's chief Holger Paul wrote.

Chile businessman was questioned by the low cost, high board fee and control of ramps.

"The flight revolution is on the right track, The market for allowing the low market model to be sustainable is not yet announced "Paul told Ambato.

"Selling ticket is 30 days earlier, and in fact 80% of the ticket is in short range markets in the last 30 days," he said.

He argued that the ticket price could be reduced by up to 20% in the present situation.

"We have to understand that the main deviator of a low price offer, but it is difficult to compete with the scene if the contract is not allowed to sell you to the full service operators," he said.

In conversation with Ambato, the borrowing charges on international airlines do not affect long-range flights, but "the impact on short range firms is very strong".

That company was abandoned by the company's launch to the Kabatage business.

"We believe that they still need to change market conditions. He said the situation in Argentina can not be accessed to domestic market.

Palman said that the passenger's names have reduced their value by the scheme.

"If Argentine passengers were 75 percent fewer ago, now Argentina is only 25 percent, others are Chile," he said.

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