Friday , September 30 2022

There is a new sub-leader: You defeated San Luis and made a lot of pressure on UC


In a match at the last minute, the University of Chile Stadium went to Luizo Frenna 2-1 to San Luis de QuivottoThere are only two things that are fully followed in the cradle of the Catholic university. On the other side of the coin, the Canary group is alive and it continues to be the last possibility of decline.

Gonzalez Jarra returned to the position of Rafael Vass, who was referring to the deaths of Jean Buzaujor, who returned only a few minutes after being well-received from frustrated residents. Amma's team, along with the Brazilian team, reached the stadium.

In the first half of the match, there were good performances. The more tried was Yeferson Soteldo, his devil was the most dangerous of the movement, but it was always the most striking opponent-resistant. When Venezuelan crossed the border, the match lasted just 35 minutes and reached the eighth position.

In the second part, Blues was quicker The last delivery of the 51st over. Maghrez Rodriguez's ball on the golden pitch. Ignazio González has no problem with scaring the left.

After the score, that match was not a passion. & # 39; Romantic Traveler & # 39; Run the ball. And Gonzalo Españas (60 & # 39;) made a free kicker and later created clear scoring opportunities from Soldado (71 & # 39;).

It was a surprise 85 minutes after Frank Dario Kudalk's victory. Johnny Hertra, Carlos Escobar, Eddardo Gambo, were expelled from a balloon that had been hit by the accident. The most expensive was Morrow Cabarello.

Unable to support the university film, however, it changed within hours to another criminal goal. After a bite shot from Joaquo Abacca from Nicholas Guevara, she shot a hand with her hands. Minutes for Gonzalo Español

With this victory, the national championship ranks second with 53 points & # 39; Founded. From the Catholic university. In Mauritius Repho, it continues with 23 cubic meters and does not get any miracle.

China Universities will visit San Luis Universidad de Concepción. The tournament will be played on Sunday November 25th at 5.30pm. .

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