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The young man crossed the jawaria Disassa de Valdes


In May 2018, an accident with the motorcycle of the Pelonelon Avenue, the javaria Dias de Valdez, led to a big clash.

The financial contracts are not paid to compensate the damaged damages It adds a state of depression to the infected child.

These two will ensure this through the Intradus in the La Red program Recovery took several months.

Instagram Gioralia deias de waldes

"He is bad in psychiatry, today he lies on the bed, depresses depression," said the driver who was injured, Norma Millen said.

Family lawyer Ana Maria Villierser added:

"He (Felipe) now prostrates, There are six pins in the hip area, Can not work There are medical certificates that prove it There needs to be three more activities"

On the other hand, Jawahar Diaz de Valdes did not want to mention the subject after the last trial of January 3.

The actress has created a very serious genocide and serious injuries to her nakedness.

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