Sunday , January 29 2023

"The Walking Dead" 9×08: Our Review of SPOILERS | TV | Series


Ninth Season "The Walking Dead"He did as much as he felt: the ability to talk with new stories with stories that were exploited (not the best of Rick's departure) is not the episode special.

Next, "The Dying Dead" 9×08:

Darwin (Norman Readias), Jesus (Tom Payne) and Aaron (Ross Marwand) were looking for Yugin. They move in circles and do not respond to the efforts to get their attention.

After the discovery of Eugene, this disappearance is reappearing, but Mikhorn and the new patrons see an opportunity for everyone. Jesus was always ready to help, and moved them to win more.

That was when a man dragged Jacob through the sword.

"The Walking Dead"He has experience in unexpected deaths, which can be divided into two groups: the characters have reached its natural conclusion.

Jesus' death tries to depict the neutral, new enemies, the dead people who die of the dead, to be a serious threat. Do it a better way than to allow them to kill a very capable character in the fight. A loved one of the worshipers never made a thorough development (the character of the Biblical tradition did not have any shortcomings or shortcomings).

of course,The Walking Dead"He knows how to play with viewers, and a preview is just a coffin.

Characters, unexpected death, an unexpected event, and a lot of danger in the heroes. This week almost everything is "The Walking Dead"History knows.

If the sequel was not upheld by Henry (Matt Lindes), he decided to do Edud to do more discreetly with Eddie. As the series progresses from struggles for power, it will grow. It can be interpreted as Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) interventions in the Negean (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Negan Frei (open the door in prison), a crisis of relief between new enemies, Hilton and Alexandria. There is not enough reason to continue watching these sequences. On the other hand, we have at least some of the things we found at the start of the season, but there is a reward for our patience. Or maybe, well "The Walking Dead"We are disappointed before.

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