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The vote-to-difference difference to the polls will be the success of Artusa Salah in the ANF.

This is one Thursday, 11th32 The team of Chile's football clubs will work Choosing the new directory of ANFP The artist, who has been dominated by the organization since 2014, has sought Salah's successor.

One day after the election,Continued Sebastian Moreno, George Yu for Opposition and Harold Maine Nichols freely– Prepare for the nearest voting by voting by voting Practically it will not last if there is no last minute capital flip.

So, day panorama, consider it The first division's vote is more than double, This is more clear: Aam Aadmi Party's election ballot is defined in the second round (The same day), in the first phase, a candidate for the quinine chair will not get a slight majority.

Another thing that has become practical is the distribution of votes for each of the club's representatives. So, In the first round, Morono and Ui (three big support backing) will be equal to 18 votes. Mayan Nicholas 12 votes.

In the lead, continuous opposition and opposition will increase the vote. 8 votes were favorable to MoroccoShel is the new helman of the ANF, who wants to stay on the project that started four years ago.

Vote to vote:

First round

Sebastian Morono = 18 votes (6 in the first division and 6 in the first b)

  • Oaxaca Italian, Cobreslal, Huchappato, La Serena, Melipillo, Ñublense, San Luis, Santiago Wanderers, Temuco, Union Española, Union La Calera, Unia San Felipe

George U = 18 votes (7 in the first division and 4 of the first B)

  • Antofagasta, Burnetta, Colo Colo, Koppia, Coquimbo, Curricao, Everton, Palestine, Rangers, Catholic University, Chilean University

Harold Mayne-Nicolaus = 12 votes (3 in the first division, 6 from the first b)

  • Cobrono, Iquique, Magallanes, Oi Higgins, Portal Mont, San Marcos de Arica, Santiago Pradham, Consensian University, and Valdiv

Second round

SEBASTIAN MORONO = 28 VOTU (1st Division 9, BEN 10)

  • San Luis, San Marcos de Arica, Santiago Wanderers, Temacco, Spanish Union La Llorea Union, San Felipe Union, University University, University, Conception and Valdeva

George U = 20 votes (First Division 7 and 6 in First B))

  • Antofagasta, Burnetta, Cobrono, Colo Colo, Coppio, Coquimbo, Curacao, Everton, Palestine, Rangers, Santiago Dawn, Catholic University, Chilean University

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