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The University Inkap was awarded with a two-year recognition and resigned from the rector

The second time in succession, the Prophet The National Accreditation Commission (CNNA) The fourth largest academic campaign in Chile, 35 million students, has been granted accreditation for the university.

According to the minutes of the ANC under La Tresaara, three editions (university, technical training center and professional institute) are considered as the lowest approval. "The goal of separating the goals and objectives of the University programs is difficult".

The argument has been raised by deciding that the institution has a small amount Special teachers taking into account the number of studentsThe lack of space alone for the university, and the role of the authorities in three campuses, "Making It Hard".

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This is different from that Tuna Training Center, Currently has seven years of accreditation, the maximum possible term.

In addition to announcing the decision of the CNNA, Three Institutional Rectors, González VargasAfter 12 years in office, he resigned.

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The former rector took this decision before taking personal projects. LaBeouf Eduardo Preto will be elected as interim president on December 1.

These research scholars and teachers are staging strikes from November 12, 2011 at the headquarters of Osorno.

Union President Jamie Fühlenes explained Your pay "Inacap is responsible for administration and teachers from other venuesBecause this is a very ordinary institution. What is not here is different from what happens in Curicó or La Serena. Basic pay is 20% to 30% higher.

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