Tuesday , September 27 2022

The SQ bag lies


B-sectoral non-metallic mining company declined by 6.06 per cent. About 10%

Lithium has once again warned investors after a signal to fix a large manufacturer in the lithium price. This led to the sale of shares related to litmus. In this way, S & P is affected by S & P / IXSE, one of the most affected activities.

In addition, the B-Series session in non metalical mining was closed down by 6.06%. At some point, it reached about 10%. A question of stock market was made before the sudden movement.

"We do not know about any event that can explain the difference in the stock price," company general manager Patzio de Solninihak said in a letter reacting.

Operators from the local market sell ed for foreign markets to rebuild concerns about the condition of the lithium price.

These results are in line with the world's lithium makers, after the mining company in the Argentine, the price of the sale of Lithium carbonate declined.

The company estimates it will be 10,800 US dollars in the last quarter. This is a 25% decline from 14,699 dollars in the April-September period.

The SQM was not the only one. The company sold equity shareholders with maximum shareholding of Julio Pons Leroux. Moreover, the S & P's low-income dividends and the major revenue of these companies. For example, the orro Blackco 5.55 per cent and the cariser 5.26 per cent.

The S & P / Clocks IBSA lost 1.11 per cent at 5,053.17 points on the IBS.

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