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The sexual assault was condemned and the French Denzus was subjected to felony and perpetrators.

Universidad is a law student from The Deal Chile The condemned and convicted sentences sentenced to three years and a year in prison Against a former senior official in the public ministry, The complaint alleges that sex abuse was reported.

In February 2016, this young man was repeatedly conducting the case almost three years ago Francesca Diaz Condemned Willie FahrencogThis is because the public ministry determines it will be a consensual relationship without abuse.

Such cases and responses from the feminist organizations that threaten that women who are victims of sexual crime will be subjected to poor prejudice and do not dare to refuse.

Certification of Francisco

Francesca Dias denounced the facts February 12, 2016He met with Willie Pharrankro in the sub-lander D Hulayehe of the province of Los Lagos. They merged with Tindor via the website Mi Fiesta and started conversations.

At the time, Ferdigegroff announced that he would travel to Portugal to take part in a barricade with his workers. On her way back, she could see her. When she saw Diaz reject the screenshot of the conversation, she gave her the necessary "momentum" to "spend time". The young prosecutor's urging changed her mind, and finally appointed them the next day.

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They will meet after 4:30 pm. After about 8 o'clock, they danced to dance in the middle of Mt. Fahrenkrog's mandate about the drinking of the conversation we ended up doing at the place of Baco Bar.

One thing Francesca Dias refused, Fahrencroft suggested they had to go for a third. She finally agreed after the compulsion of the young man. In a statement, "She deserves to stay with a good man, because hard work is beautiful and beautiful" Diaz says, "Roles should not be" because nothing happened.

Then she would have found a hostel and a way to spend the night there I wiped her waist and kissed her. She then warned her not to "tread him down" and warn them that they would be able to take action.

Finally, when a hostel was found, he got him with him to find him out of the drunken room in the room. He is there I would kiss her and make her sexyBut she refused. However, the young man would be compelled. At that moment, according to the woman's testimony, he was himself "He Slaughtered His Wire And Cloaked Things".

Investigative Police (PDI) Diaz said the young man had sexually abused him.

Turn in case

Francesca Diaz died in one of these three months. On May 27, 2016, the Port Monde Guarantee Court ordered the Fahrenkrogy to order the dismissal of the charge "The complaint lied with the complainant's characters". The complaint was filed on June 16. She filed a complaint against her.

It is a fact that played a crucial role in this determination, a man attempted rape and a sexual abuse that he reported.

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The trial is controversial statements like Caribarela In the Carolian modeAccording to Siya Fiesta, the professor at the night of attacking the DICE. On the first day of the trial, the woman said "She was not affected, but she was still crying," but it was "not rape".

On the other side, Willie Fahrenkogg lawyer Andrews Fermann asked the woman if she knew "how to read" when the definition of "penetration" was discussed.

The verdict is criticism

In an interview with Raina Aria, Faculty of Professionality of the Institute of Legal Sciences of Chile, University of Australia, Yanira Zúñiga"This is unfortunate when considering a case False complaints on sexual offenses The government of the world is trying to promote international campaigns and propaganda. "

Francesca Dias is not only judged by a verdict, "She is a law graduate who can not declare a lawyer, is lawful, and gives a double license, not just punishment, but special permission for disqualification".

He was "There are more or less stereotypes in judicial practice For example, it is the first time women use women's skin to make sex in women. "The tender is used as a break for women to have sex." Alcohol is a signal, while meeting with a man known through the tender, indicates that it is indicative of sexual consent. "

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The Francis Diaz case is related to social networks in the hash tag #FranYoTeCreo. Feminist organizations Chilean network against violence against women And then Coordinator March 8 They criticized the judicial system for the punishment.

Various parliamentarians have campaigned on the same route. Camille Vallello (PC) through Twitter: "Your close friends and sex life are not defamatory to publish, defamatory, in prison, I can not write you"; And Marezilla Santiens (PR) criticized "Chile abandon the woman who blames the culprits, and the decision of the media disappears".

See some comments supported by Francesca Dias below:

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