Thursday , November 26 2020

The result of the cross: The Prime Minister of the first Prime Minister of Fernandes won the internal PS in Aligarh

Participation in hope, some of those on the way, and the uncertainty about the results of the last election by the representatives of the Central Committee of the Socialist Party. The polling held by Helsmans PS was followed by a poll that was predicted during the campaign, but the Deputy Fernandes won the first majority in Punta Arenas, Portamon, Concept, Ecucci, Ovalle, Nenova, and Provinícia Elixel District.

Official calculations, without preparing the budget, made Alvaro elleated in the presidential election of the Elizabeth president, forming socialism this Sunday, re-election for another two years at the senator's Ely Malé Party. The air pollution has ended since the closures of the tables. Contender Maya Fernandes was the first to win the national majority and was forced to mark the point of communication at the interaction.

Voted by 80% in the polls, Senator Isabel allandeyum Eta delphinayum elisald in front of the parallel figure when compared to the camera: "We have won the elections for the vast differently. Chile vijayikkanavumenn we prophesy in all regions (…), we expect the majority of expectations of a great variety of We believe that the sum will be, "he said.

Considering the new format used in these elections, men's individual voters and other women were considered to be one side. Deputy Fernandes, Punta Aranas, Portal Monte, Concepción, Iquique and Communists. Oval, in uoa, Providenceia, and Talo, and associated with Elisad district.

PS PC deputy Marcelo Dias said, "It's not proud what Malé Fernandes Alvaro Elise Bradley defeats in this election." Already the Central Committee is expected to listen to the will of socialist foundations.

Former president Salvador Allende's grandson more vigorously said: "We should wait in areas from different regions, and I hope the end result should wait." It was foretold this time that Fernandes was left in the system on current helpless care for the present "uncomfortable" and future PS governance.

PS selection process is indirect. Terrorists have chosen members of the Central Committee, as per their links between the crucial lists and agreements that the new Socialism will be the new Head of Mission for the next two years. It will be accepted. A tendency is marked for each majority, though it is one that conquers the list of selecting more members.

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