Friday , September 30 2022

The Red | Saiser Mander has a chance to play South Africa's 20th player in the Chile National Team


On December 28, Cuban citizenship can be achieved. The procedure is in progress, but you have to wait for the red.

Author: L. Rivia Talan, F. Ortiz

From January 17 to February 10, 23 Chilean delegates from Rancagua, Kuriko and Thakaz will participate.

A major deficit Ignacio Severda, The young man and the UCC winner seriously injured in a tragedy received from Matis Rikura in the controversy with the crown of the crown.

From any other university film can be a Sasser Müller. CDF News On December 28, he realized that he was five years old in the country and that the steps forwarded by the UCC leadership would not be delayed. As per law

The Caribbean Olympic coach robes are absolutely delicious. But now the team will be out. In the list of options to travel to South America given to the 2019 World Cup in Poland, one member is injured and decides to join strategically.

In this case, students will solve a problem for the mood, because at the start of the season will be Chile A foreign quota will not, DT during the struggle The fact that Banet San Jose was not included in the racket. German German writer was often cited for the injuries.

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