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The President of Nissan-Ronald Group prevents irregularities



Carlos Gos, Honored to be saved in Japan Nissan Bankruptcy, On Monday, Tokyo was arrested After the internal investigation of the automobile, they want to dismiss it as soon as possible.

In the afternoon of Japan, the news ended. Media was first announced by CEO of Renault and Chairman of Nissan Board of Directors of Nissan, Mitsubishi He is the witness in front of the Tokyo Prosecutor's Office. Later, he was arrested on suspicion of receiving income from the Treasury.

According to NKK Public Television Network, the authorities had registered in the helicopter at Yokohama near Tokyo.

In a soon published statement, Nissan gave more details The 64-year-old Franco-Lebanese-Brazil-based 64-year-old founder of an automobile empire in less than two decades has never occupied another business leader of this size.

Carlos Gossan "Announced Annual Revenue More Than Royalty," Nissan said, a domestic inquiry into a complainant's report. Greg Kelly, another leader, is accused in the prosecution.

"In addition, other accreditations were found The use of assets assets for personal purposes "The board of directors added that it was going to suggest "Quickly dismiss office." He will meet on Thursday to discuss the issue of dissolution.

Like Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors Executive recommends dismissal. The date of next board of directors has not yet been specified. But the company announced that it will conduct its own probe.

In response to Ghosan's arrest, the board of directors of the company allege that corporate managers and entrepreneurial difficulties have been directed to direct the executive to expel him.

On the other hand, Renault told the board of directors of its board of directors. The Paris stock market fell by 0.79 per cent. Rupee dropped by 8.43 per cent to € 59.06 a barrel. The Japanese square was already closed when the first information was leaked.

"Coast Killer"

Nisan Carris Cars, a French company in Reno, moved to Tokyo in the spring of 1999. Two years later he became president.

Nickname "Cost killing" ("Care Killer"), a turnover of 100,000 million euros, transformed a group of highly profitable companies into a special worship service in the islands.

In April 2017, he got a baton called Dolphin Heroo Saikawa. Focusing on the partnership with Renault and Mitsubishi Motors,

As Nissan President, Between April 2017 and March 2017, the figure is 1,100 million yen (8.8 million euros). He went on to become Ronaldo's CEO in 2009, earning him 7 million euros. Since 2009 he has handled it. (Since then he has served as CEO since 2005).

Carlos Gossen will preside over Mitsubishi Motors Board of Directors, The company, which secured 34% of the company's shares in the end of 2016, was later involved in a scam of data completion.

Renault Nisan Mitsubishi Association This is a complex neutrality of various companies linked to most of the current stock shares.

Renault's 43% is Nissan. In Renault 15% and Mitsubishi Motors 34%. Recently disseminated news stories.

The allegations against Carlos Gosle, They are a collapse of the Franco-Japanese Triangle Last year, 10.6 million vehicles were sold, including Toyota and Volkswagen.

"If he had been detained, it would change the relationship of the cornerstone," the press disclosure of the TIV consultant expert Satararuoo Thakada was arrested.

French president Emmanuel MacRonnell announced that he will declare French from Brussels Renault and Nissa's allies are "very concerned about sustainability". France's finance minister Bruno Le Meyer said France's producer and prodigious "Stability" and "Integration of Together" were "the first concern" after Ghosh's arrest.

A majority of Renault's CFE-CGC expressed "concern" about the future of French producers. As part of this, CGT Requested "Management Update".

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