Friday , September 30 2022

The Portuguese and the services of the Portuguese show the Portuguese


With the intensity of the harbor in Valparaíso, Several areas affected From the struggles of struggle.

Bars taken from the roots of the barricades Millions of peso lost The people, who support the needs of the workers, are part of the rest of the march.

Various services and shops have been decided Cover your gates, cover your doorsThe harrowing tension is aimed at not being wiped out by the waves of performance.

Moses Gutarez, a resident of Bario Puretti, told Radio Beo Bio, "They defeated us. We are tradersPeople are not interested in coming to this area by blocking them from making Bonfire in Serrano Street, people are afraid. "

Victor Ramirez, president of the Association of Nightlife in Valparaíso, says: "In the last days of these great violations and three weeks, they are This is a million dollars.

Following the entry into the Special Forces Longhorns Union on Monday evening, A score of people is arrested.

A woman who had gone to the place died with serious injuries Is over He was a man in a vehicle.

A series of pictures of banks, notary and other services is as follows. Closing their gates, they saved their axes as a result of analytical analysis.