Friday , November 22 2019
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The other campaigns are breaking down the new campaign clubs

In the background of the spectrum discussion.

We have a new and exciting campaign, now directly directly with Enroll, Movistar and Chloro Chao Del 8's "Kiko"

All these are discussed in the matter of reaching three spectrum of radio spectrum.

No matter how much time this problem is spent, but it is a great way to get the telegomp for Undersecretariat.

In addition to titled "I Am Justo", it also asks "to demand a fair match for everyone in 5G". This is very useful, that means they will not get access to the network, and the development of this technology in the country has its access to its infancy.

Other operators succeeded in winning the tender at the time, but they gave it "bad use" and subtitled it.

Our position is moderation. Because both countries have some reasons. However, a foreign operator is more suspicious of the possibilities of a country where China is likely to be in the form of an operator such as Telecom. But we urge them only to come forward.

Justice will decide if the operators have to keep their cut spectrum, or again in Supel's hands. Vam's does not have enough space to play here, but they make popularity and controversy.

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