Sunday , January 29 2023

The new trademark is Gympuffe and Nintendo


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More than two weeks after the launch of the market. Pocohmon Let's go Pic and EhsThe first ever experience of franchises' names portability and the hybrid system of the Nintendo Final Console, Change.

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Successful brand companies that produce products such as cards, anime, manga games, etc., are expected to officially announce their competitive game in their handheld console, with a successful brand across the world. The work was outside the official "cannon".

On the portal Japanese LandoThat would have been the same "The pokin company", With the company founded Nintendo Co., Creators company. And Game Freak Ink A brand new brand associated with a franchise registered some days ago in Japan's intellectual rights.

It may be Pokémon "Miracle Twin", A new title directly related to the related products, and it will be directly connected via videogames and promotional products. The registry will reach the end of 2019 under the leadership of the team and have confirmed it yet and will not be announced yet.

But based on other sources, it is speculated that the brand is closely related to a card that can be mutually exclusive PokemonThey have decided to sell promotional packages, including artworks and art, as usual.


Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage

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