Friday , November 15 2019
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The New Revolution is a new revolution pulse in the chillon volcano

Thursday afternoon one New energy pulse Has been registered Nivados The Chien Volcanic Complex, Ñuble Region.

Depending on the information provided National Services for Geology and MiningThe volcano system created an earthquake in the volcanic system and created volcanic eruptions.

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"Information from the OVIRAS Observatory's Sernageomin National Volcanic Surveillance Network is already analyzing information," wrote on the subject's Twitter account.

In the past months, Sernageomin, in the report of a specific volcanic activity, This area maintains an orange technical alert due to frequent operation of marijuana.

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Shortly after the report, there were small explosions. This operation is expected As per the parameters shown in the past period.

From above, the Prophet Yellow alert For communes in the Civil Protection System, Pinto, Kohima, San Faihan, ububle RegionBy the operation of the Nevados de Chillán Volcanic Complex, the provisions will come into effect until provisions are made.

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