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The new generation's teacher and leader, Sasha Suarev: the young man living in legend


Source: Reuters

Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Roger Federer, Roger Federer, Roger Federer. Members of the new generation were more aware of it than they specified. In countless times, many have repeatedly questioned the upcoming change in advance or later. However, German

Alexander Suarev

(21). Competitive and powerful spots give the evidence for glory and glory for a little while. In fact it reached third place in the world a year ago. Three titles were won on Masters 1000 (Rome, Canada and Madrid). But when he placed himself in the Masters Cup in London, he inherited the right to view the stars as their grand inheritance. He broke up the leader of the tournament 6-4, 6-3 in Zoekovsky.

"I'm skeptical about whether you can win the Federic Grass game for a while, and I'm in the race for Joakov and Rafe's clay, and I'm thinking of the London final," Tony Nadal wrote in his column for the Spanish newspaper L Puy. Tennis tennis player Anke Tony is the best tennis player in history, and as Feder of the semi-finals, he has played a great role in the London O2 Arena as the Madras Court.

Zverev has – almost everything – to circuit master. Very high (1.98 m), strong and furry body, a powerful and disturbed wound (right hand and two hands poles). So far, his biggest deficit and concentration on big dates. (The best record in the Grand Slam match, a tennis player short this season, the quarter-finals at Realtand Garros this season). In August, the suite issued a notification after the defeat of Spain's Juan Carlos Ferrero (No. 1). Ivan Lendell, working with his father Alexander's work, added. "I'm standing up to win the biggest tournaments," Suarev said after declaring his partnership before the start of the US Open. He had been in front of Andy Murray's explosion in Gran Same. The first number he was known for his spirits. Andy Murray's explosion at 1 Grand Slam was on the pawns. Scott Face Faye was defeated and US Open 2012. .

Joakovich, who was unable to own the sixth Masters Cup, said: "Clearly, Sasha had a much better chance than he was in the group stage, and last Wednesday, he beat Knor Svev 6-1, 6-1 in the Curren Group of Round Robins, which was quite different from that of Boris Becker's 1995 Masters Crown He is the first German sportsman to be born in Hamburg, and has 21 years in 2008. He has reached the same conclusion that he was surprised by a single day in the tie-break against Federer, while Surrey, who did not want to wake him from his big dreams, sat in the cement of the O2. Replace it Is a great reflection.

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