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The new date of the Kopa Libertadores final will be unveiled on Tuesday, with the «Diario y Radio U Chile


"This is going to change, we're going to change the game, we need to be able to restore the situation," said Alejandro Dominicus.

Saturday, November 24, 2018 20:00 hours.


Copa Libertadorz did not see the finals of this Sunday. Once again the big competition between the River Plate and the Boca Juniors will be schedules.

Alejandro Domingo'sThe president of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) said. The match will not be held on November 25, a press conference said.

"This is a week, we're going to restart the game, we need to give you the conditions to get better, let us finish the finals, let's see how we can continue with the BOS or the river." Declared Dominicus.

As Conmebol published on Twitter: "The deadline will be analyzed at a meeting in Athensio on 10 th of the deadline and at the last moments of the President of the Boca Juniors and River Plate."

Combo's decision was taken in consideration of Boca Juniors' request. Captain Pablo Perez was not for the injured stunts, as well as the camp that reaches the monumental stadium in the bungalow, without "inequity" and "equilibrium of circumstances."

"Due to some misconceptions, we give the world a disgrace," said Dringsieeses. Fox sports in Argentina.

"We believe in a good message, and we want to release a signal called a compolar for a good show" He added.

According to the Argentinean government's request, Dominicus pointed out that the G20 summit in Argentina would be the same day for November 30 and December 1. The FIFA Club World Cup starts on December 12. Take part in a tournament of the Copper Libertadores Champion Combalm representative.

"Not wrong compal" Done

Key Signal: The Boca Junior enters the formal request

Hours before, the club Atlaletic Boca Juniors released a statement. "On the basis of the summit of Copen Libertadorus, South American company Boca visited the Sunday colombus to demand a signature on the approval of River President, read in the memorial.

He added: "Yesterday in the evening, and then asked to play in this event in Boca juniyels. It was the preference to be able to play in equal conditions. As a result of attacks near the Stadium, they think of the implications of the institution exclaimed Boca Shari'a and their potential, this does not in religious terms Boca saratte think they should be suspended. Article 18 of the upaksepannalute related to the use, so keampeal act accordingly. "

Last Saturday's "Pappalone"

This Saturday will take place for 17 hours. But as in the early period, this Dunta did not approach the court, but it was not a traditional rainy season, but Blant, who attacked the bus in Boca's category, junior at the river's quarterly stadium.

The latest information from Argentina indicated that it was a bad way for the police to be run by the police. Because players who reached the stadium, The fans of the River Plate, away from the motorcycle police, got away.

The cannons used tear gas to beat Argentine policemen. Already in the stadium the doctors took responsibility for the takeover and claimed that Boca Junior's players were wounded. But there is no reason to suspend them because they are sure that they can not get rid of cancer. Competition. "

This was the place where the media spoke to Carlos Tevez. When Coming to the Memorial Stadium, Compo had forced the game to be played after local team members suffered due to distress, "said Apachee.

"Our head hurts, they say we're forced to play, we are bogged down colleagues, you can not believe," said Tevez.

Eventually the organization decided to end the link at 5 pm, which is now under review.

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