Wednesday , October 5 2022

The most dangerous risk is people with disenounomy



Infections The biggest danger for the suffering people dysautonomia, A failure Nervous system Responsible autonomous center has explained to a specialist to restrain important activities like breathing, digestive system.

The clinical nutrition doctor at the medical surgeon in Jurassess del Centro, Gabriela Chavez explains in the statement: "Those in this situation can break fractures" while lowering blood pressure, the frequency decreases. Heart and burden happening ".

The main symptoms are the tumor, dizziness, weakness, or fatigue, awareness strain and blurred vision.

About 70 million people in the world had diabetes, "he said. Mexico has no records of this disease.

Chavez indicated that this condition could be the primary and secondary desomotomes.

"In primary digestomy, the causes will not be known, but the secondary contradiction appears as a result of self-immune diseases," he said.

Dosonomia also said that to alleviate the circulation of blood circulation should be done to remove the limbs, legs and rust.

Additionally, patients who eat every two to three hours in small parts should reduce the consumption of simple sugar, such as soft drinks and cakes, and ensure the availability of salt and preserve water in various liquids such as coconut, mineral water and juice. Prevent symptoms from aggravating

However, he said, drink water in large quantities and keep the body hydrated, recommended water all day long and zip water is not recommended.

Chawes stressed that the cabbage consumption is prohibited by an disautonomo; However there are patients who can not start a day without a cup of coffee.

Even if there is a triplet effect like coffee, some of the costs are compensated, because the water is not allowed to remove water.

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