Thursday , September 29 2022

The Insight Query shows its French Seymography on Mars



Insight on Mars launched the surface of Mars successfully Hyper-sensitive seismometer of French productionThis was an important tool for NASA's scientific mission.

This tool is designed with the value of millions of euros and designed by the French agency CAS Listen to the internal impact of the red planet and learn more about the history of its formation.

"Alignment of the seismometer Mars is also important for insight landing"Scientist has declared responsibility for the Bruce Banderda project in NASA.

"This is the insight's priority tool: We need at least three parts for our scientific goals," he adds.

According to the US Space Agency, 1,64 meter siliconometer investigated the robotic globe.

"Longer than I did: I placed my seismometer on the surface of Mars! I can help with listening to vibration with six and revealing the heart rhythm of Mars"The Twitter account of the inquiry is published.

SEIS (Seismic Test for Interier Structure, Earthquake Test for Internal Structure) You will hear short shocks caused by shocking waves and earthquakes on the meteor shower.

These waves can be drawn from the first triangle of the inner part of Mars Millions of years, known as the "Red Planet", can be well understood about the formation of the planet.

"This seismometer is having a phone near your ear." Phillip Logano, Philip Geophysics expert at the Institute of Physical doctors in Paris, explained Philip Loganona, father of this valuable tool.

Insight probe worth $ 993 million, On November 26, we reached Mars.

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