Tuesday , September 27 2022

The H & M and IKEA partnerships have a new partnership


Both the companies jointly carry out joint ventures in the textile industry since 2014. In 2020, an alliance with Sien rally signed Suini to open its first story in Santiago.

A new business was created abroad, faced Chile: Joint business developed by True Tio Textile, submitted to H & M and Ikea, Fast Fashion and Home Decoration – Business Larse Stigson – at the cost of attractive textile fiber development.

They announced in the announcement that a new partner, stock or enzo, included: Industrialization of Trotty Textile Production Process by establishing a fair at one of the Nordic facilities.

In Chile, H & M has recently opened a store in Vina del Mare, a strong opponent of the textile industry. In the hands of the Falalella group, the Swedish soldier, the Chile is joined by Chile. In 2020 you plan to open your first store in Santiago.

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