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The geneticist in China criticized a genetically newborn child

On January 28, 2018, the controversial Chinese geneticist Jiankyi will be present at the International Symposium on Human Genome at the University of Hong Kong, China.

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A Chinese scientist, who claimed to have worked to create the world's first genetically modified babies, said Wednesday. She revealed that she was pregnant and that a pregnant woman would be a part of her effort.

Jiankyi, associate professor at the Science and Technology University in Shenzhen, China, said in a room with people participating in the Human Genome Edition of the University of Hong Kong.

"In this situation, I am proud of you," he said, when he interrogated several colleagues at the conference.

When asked if there were other genetic pregnancies in her experiment, she said there was a "other" pregnancy and answered the question after questioning whether "yes" was a "chemical element", and a natural abortion in the first weeks of pregnancy.

Whether the pregnancy is complete or not is unclear.

"This study has been evaluated for a scientific journal," said the scientist. He did not name his journal and said that the university did not know of his experiments.

In videos posted on the Internet this week, he said, using genetic editing technology called CRISPR-Cas9 to change the genes of embryos that were born this month.

He said the editing genes will help protect the HIV infected girls.

Yet, the scientists and the Chinese government have accused the claimants of their claims. A hospital associated with her research suggested that her moral recognition was denied.

Conference moderator Robin Lowell Badge said the organizers were not aware of the investigation until the public ministry came out this week.

D. CRISPR-Cas9 allows researchers to cut and paste the NNA so it is a technology that increases the genetic solutions. However, there are concerns about security and ethics in its use.

The Chinese Coal Biologics Society Tuesday condemned any gene editing in human embryos to reproductive purposes. This was against Chinese law and medicine.

More than 100 scientists have revealed Tuesday that using CRISPR-Cas9 technology to edit genes of the human body is both dangerous and justified. "Pandora's box is open," she said.

Sixty two were recruited for the first time, scientists said that one of them opposed the improvement of the jeans, leaving the experiment. The HIV positive mother is also the HIV negative negative.

He said that all partners had a good quality education and had gone through two rounds of talks with his team.

The consent given to partners has been mentioned in various accidents, but there is little details about the complexity of the jean editing process. He does not mention that this experiment has never happened.

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