Wednesday , October 5 2022

The first incident has been registered in the new electric buses in Tranranica


This Friday morning, One of the 100 electric buses in a traffic accident It added a week before renewing the traffic structure of the capital.

A machine that collapsed with the utility van in Nairobi in 519.

According to the information provided by BioBioChile, the event has been recorded Express bus corridor It's splitting Greece along with Raman Crew. Why is the miniature vehicle that is traveling through this route looking for?

More info: The first route of electric bus in Tranraníago begins to function

Source: Twitter @CDxCJSP

As part of the fire department's fire department, the tasks of rescuing the victims were helped. At least two people were injured.

For the first time, one of the machines that began to act as part of this tragedy suffered Transit on December 14thThere are also features like free Wi-Fi network, US ports to charge cellphones, convenient seats and air conditioning.

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