Thursday , June 8 2023

The European Financial Fair Play Clubs accepted: They can not sign if they do not obey


On Tuesday, a new council of the ANFP, the club unanimously approved a new approval Play Fair Fair in European styleReplace fiscal fined with high sentences: Unable to sign up.

"We're working hard on those markets, such as the European Market, from where the Chile has transformed into reality, in which Some range is set "He explained Alto Corradosi, General Secretary of ANFP.

That's a limit More than 70 per cent of staff can not spend more time on clubs. With a maximum period of three years, "maximum deficit" will be allowed, so the club can ensure autonomy and stability for a long time basis. "

Concerning the punishment, Koradosi said: "The surviving ones are economically and we need to embrace the financial fair play. If a club does not match these limitations, if the clubs are set itself, they will not be able to sign players in the inter season"

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