Wednesday , October 5 2022

"The Discovery of the Year" for Science Magazine found in DNA in cells in 2018


"The Discovery of the Year" for Science Magazine found in DNA in cells in 2018

New Technologies to show how the DNA sends a signal to each center to develop from time to time, the term "disorientation of the year" by science of 2018 by American scientist.

Experts say that these methods will transform into science in the next decades, to accurately and accurately evaluate plants, healing, healing, and cure.

"As a musical score indicates when strings, wind instruments, musical instruments, and musical instruments are meant to create a symphony, the genres of each cell will be activated and the signals to the cells to play the parts of the playing field.

"As a result, the development of organisms and organs is the ability to follow through cell cell, with precise measurement accuracy," he said.

The Nobel Prize for Medicine has been backed by modern techniques, John Sulston, and his colleagues who carefully scrutinized how cells grow from a larva development, cannabadydytes elegans and larvae cell, "said Jeremy. Berg, Editor of Magazine's Magazine.

"Today's technologies, especially parallel-scale DNA serations, an advanced florozosense microscope, have been identified, analyzed, analyzed, analyzed, based on the genes of each of the cells of the kenorubadytes and elenzes," he said.

A piece of paper, a fish, a frog, and other organisms have been published in recent years in which articles and organs are produced.

Scientists are working hard to utilize these techniques in the human body: changes in age, rejuvenate, cancer, diabetes, and other physical disabilities.

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