Wednesday , March 22 2023

The date of release in the 2018 Games Awards reveals the philosophy and death toll


Hidey Kojima, After leaving Coloma, Participated in the work Death StrontiumVery rare and unusual videogame knows about us. SonyIn the meantime, the E3 is going through 2019's indefinite moments when it's released, but it's t inkAward Game 2018There he would launch the launch dates of his operation Sushima's death.

S Developer Company Playstation The new generation consoles will pave the way, according to a Brazilian website, releasing as an introduction to the Official Announcement of Official Video Games. A press release issued by this information was disclosed Sony Brazil This video game introduces a new trailer and tells the web.

The last sample Death Strontium That was the last time E3 2018, The steady toy of the new video game was developed; Sushima's deathOn the other hand, the new content is fairly displayed and presented as a new videogram of creators Notorious.

Game awards This is the most important award in the industry GOTY Or "the best game of the year" statue. This event will be held on December 6 and will be broadcast worldwide through all online broadcasting channels.

Is there a detailed information about these games in this program?

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